Monday, April 24, 2006

Northlake Mall Grand Opening

Check out my trip to the (then) newly-opened Northlake Mall (Charlotte, North Carolina) on September 16, 2005.

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  1. Slightly off-topic...but...I was at SouthPark last Friday (April 28) and the crews were there changing the HECHT'S signs to macy*s. I noticed the light-up Hecht's sign on the lower level exterior had been covered with a Hecht's banner, which made me wonder if the sign had already been changed...and sure enough, I drove out to the upper exterior, and they were in the process of installing the new signage.

    Anyways...I wonder if the Northlake ones have been put up yet? I also wonder why that store opened as a Hecht's in the first place. You may want to get a few last pictures, Steve!

    Love the blog as always!


  2. Hecht's Northlake was an unfortunate anomoly. The Federated-May deal had finalized on August 30 and it opened on September 15th. By then, it had been planned and merchandised as a Hecht's, but never was officially a part of the Hecht's family.

    I'll have to get to Charlotte soon. I must see the new signs.