Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saks Fifth Avenue, Triangle Town Center, Raleigh, North Carolina. Exterior entrance near Food Court. Photographed with camera phone 3/24/07.

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Saks Fifth Avenue, Triangle Town Center


  1. Such a beautiful store. How is this store doing, if you know?

  2. She is a beauty.... what do you know about the change back to the old SFA logo?

  3. It's easily the best looking store at the mall :-)

    cantnot: Saks is coming along at TTC. The store was actually packed with customers the other day.

    I think the women's apparel is doing a little better than men's, but it's chock full of new merchandise and people are buying, including me ;-).

    Todd: I don't know if this store will get the new "old" logo in the near future (Saks doesn't usually swap out logos unless there's a remodeling or expansion), but it's all over the proomtional materials for the store. It's very chic and elegant, and it represents a more familiar face of the store than the sans-serif logo did.

  4. This store seems like a simplified version of the New York flagship, in terms of appearance; this design has also been repeated with slight variations in Birmingham and Orlando.

    I think the Atlanta store has a more luxurious ambience, due to its unique architecture, location and signage. How does this Raleigh store compare to the Phipps Plaza location in terms of merchandise?

  5. The design is well detailed at the entrances, which kind of makes up for the blank side-walls.

    Saks Raleigh's no Phipps Plaza, but it's a decent store for the market. Most of the items carried are market exclusives. The merchandising is improving with time, but it's not going to be mistaken for a flagship store anytime soon.