Monday, January 14, 2008

Belk, Macon Mall, Macon, Georgia. Exterior entrance. (courtesy cantnot at Grocerying)

Belk, Macon Mall, Macon, Georgia. Mall entrance. (courtesy cantnot at Grocerying)


  1. That clear brown entrance molds at Macon Mall look exactly like the ones at Carolina Circle Mall. I guess Belk at one time liked to have those at their stores.

  2. I figured you'd pick up on that :-)

    This was one of the Belk prototypes at the time, and I know it was at least used twice: here and at Carolina Circle. It's a decent looking store, but part of my love for it is nostalgic because of the Carolina Circle connection.

  3. I'm disappointed to see the "Matthews" gone from that store. I regret not taking more pictures plus the mall entrance with the "Matthews" on it. Isn't that store planned to close and be replaced with the old Parisian?

  4. I think Belk is staying in their original store for the time being. I don't think anything is planned for the Parisian right now.

    A rumor I've heard suggests Belk is going to move out of Macon Mall entirely, but there's no proof that this will happen.

  5. I've heard that same rumor too, Steven.....

    I went to this mall about 10 years ago. The most unique feature of the Macon Mall is that there's the older part and the newer part...and to go from one to the other you have to go through an anchor -- Penney's, iirc.

    The exterior of Belk reminds me a little of Lord & Taylor (don't laugh too hard), but moreso of a couple of the Davison's stores in Atlanta, specifically the one at Perimeter...except the canopy at Perimeter doesn't run all the way to the roof. Similar, at least...

    And I, too, miss seeing the other names on the Belk signs. There are only two left, right? Matthews (Matthews-Belk, not B-M as in Macon) and Hudson?

  6. Not being familiar with Davison's suburban stores, I can't vouch for them, but the angles definitely have a Lord & Taylor feel. When May Company owned Lord & Taylor, they built a crapload of stores that looked kinda like this, except in white and black marble.

    But in 1975, when this store opened, Belk built a number of stores with amber colored glass entrances. Just off the top of my head, I can remember this store, Carolina Circle, Four Seasons and Eastland. Probably numerous others.

    What's really cool is when it's lit up. The store positively glows.

    But yeah, you're right. Matthews Belk and Hudson Belk are the only holdouts from the hyphenated years...So sad.

  7. This mall has undergone another change in the last few years. The shoppes at River Crossing opened in 2008. At that location, Dillards and Belks had stores as well. Needless to say, Dillards closed their Macon Mall store shortly there after, and about 5 years later, Belks closed the Macon Mall location as well. Parisians closed, but did not relocate. The entire new addition that was built was torn down, including the parking deck. Sears which was an anchor on the far end opposite JC Penny closed its store and auto center as well. Sears spot is now inhabited by Burlington Coat Factory.
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