Friday, May 22, 2009

Eastland Mall featured in WSJ Article

Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Exterior signs. Photographed March 14, 2009.

Charlotte's Eastland Mall is featured prominently in a story about declining malls on page A1 of today’s Wall Street Journal. If you're a regular LiveMalls reader, you know that Eastland and its former anchors (including Belk, Ivey's and Miller & Rhoads) have been featured prominently here. As this mall fades into obsucrity, it may be a good time to take a look back at the mall that was, and what better place to do it than LiveMalls?

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Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina


  1. Thanks for that link. I lived near Eastland Mall as a teenager from 1976-1978. That area of Charlotte was really something then. It's been sad to follow the decline of that area and that mall. All of these years have passed, and yet, my fascination with it hasn't dwindled.

    Randy Fox

  2. It's sad to see such a interesting building go unused and a neighborhood fall so quickly. The interior design is really nice, and likely will never be replicated.

  3. Back in late 2001/early 2002 I was contemplating a move from Wilmington to Charlotte and actually had a job interview at the Eastland Mall friend had mentioned the mall was a bit rough but when I was there I thought the outside needed work but the inside was just fine...all the anchor stores were in place and I even remember American Eagle, Structure, and I think even Gap was there...seems like once the anchors jumped ship the downward spiral happened very quickly.

  4. The place was starting to show some weakness when JCPenney left, but Belk's closing really pushed it over the edge. Like you, when I fist strated going to Eastland, it was a little rough but overall healthy looking. Compare that to now, when everything that mattered is closing or barely hanging on. So sad.