Monday, September 12, 2011

SouthPark; Charlotte, North Carolina. Morrison Boulevard facade, showing part of the Thalhimers(left) and Sears (right) facades. Photo taken from the Park Hotel, circa 1990. (Courtesy cantnot, via the North Carolina Room at the Charlotte Public Library)

SouthPark; Charlotte, North Carolina. Morrison Boulevard entrance, showing part of the Sears (right) facades. Photo taken August 7, 2002.

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SouthPark, circa 1990


  1. They were very effective. I used to love when they put the holiday lights around them. I wish I had shot a photo of that. :-)

  2. Also, seeing that pic reminded me of the detail on the Thalhimer's building that I had forgotten, especially because you can't really tell from that Hecht's pic on the tax site.

  3. I wonder if Sears had stayed open if they would still have their original exterior, considering all of the other anchors have since renovated their exteriors...

  4. cantnot: I used to love the blue tile and solid glass doors.
    anon: There would have been some renovation had Sears stayed, but I think them moving was the impetus behind a lot of the change.

  5. Over to the left of the entrance is where Morrison's Cafeteria was. Lots of childhood memories there. It closed in the late 90s after the chain got bought out by Picadilly Cafeterias.