Monday, October 03, 2011

Ivey's of Orlando

Ivey's of Orlando, originally uploaded by ferret111.
The Yowell-Duckworth Building was built in 1913 as a department store. It eventually became home to the Downtown Orlando branch of the Charlotte, NC-based J.B. Ivey & Company department store chain. This store was closed on January 30, 1976. Ivey's was taken over by Dillard's in 1990.

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  1. Wow!!! Post of the year! (next to the ads I sent you, of course...). What a cool postcard!

  2. I'm ferret111. I'm glad you used my picture; feel free to use as many as you want. I didn't know that it closed in 1976. All I knew was that it had closed prior to ~1985-86, as Penney's was the last operating department store in Downtown Orlando.

  3. Nice post. Do you know where else in Florida Ivey's had stores?

  4. Andy: Thanks for the photo.

    Groceryingz; Ivey's was primarily in the northeastern part of Florida. There were at least a dozen stores at one point.