Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sears, River Ridge Mall, Lynchburg, Virginia, mall entrance. Photographed with camera phone 5/20/2005.


  1. Darn Steve I have been through all three of your blogs. And have come to an ultimate conclusion. You can an obsession with stores, malls and shopping.

    Not that I am saying this is a bad thing, but I am from the otherside of the universe. I live in Lynchburg. Last time I was in the Mall was over a year ago. I think I went kicking and screaming then.

    Now, you got me thinking, in the last week I have not spent a dime. Now I didn't because I was broke, or a spend thrift. Just my aversion to stores. Well Steve, when you wonder if there is alter universe. I think I am one on the otheside of the mirror.

    Nice blogs by the way.

  2. Nice to hear from the other side of the universe, B O B. haha thanks for the compliments; your blog is nice, too. I love the Lynchburg focus.

    I've been obsessed with retail my whole life. I can't really explain why.

    One of my earliest memories was going to your local mall around the time it opened in 1980, and that was before the Sears pictured was even open!

    If you do happen to gou out to river ridge, not the rapid-fire interior remodel of Belk. I don't know who's doing the construction work for them, but they're wortking fast.