Sunday, October 29, 2006

SouthPark, Charlotte, North Carolina. Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Grand Opening, 1970. Pictured are anchor department store leaders George Ivey and John Belk. (Pat Richardson)

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  1. I have an enviable set of resources on SouthPark :-)

  2. Okay...dumb question, but...who is who in that picture?

    And I assume they're standing outside the interior entrance?

    Thanks, as always, for posting these, Steven...I love them all!

  3. Ivey has his back to the camera and John Belk is facing the camera (these are the two men in the middle).
    I am working on figuring out where they are standing--those steps have not existed at Soutpark for many, many years.

  4. Matt: Pat cleared up who was who, but I think they were standing with their backs towards Sears. I'm guessing on this. :-)

    Pat: I would have never known those steps were there were it not for your pictures. Thanks again.

  5. I have figured out where the steps are--I had a hunch and I checked with a fellow "Southpark-expert"--these are the steps that lead down to the fountain. At the time, this was the "center court" of the mall--halfway between Ivey's and Belk's. If you look at the early pictures of the fountain, you can see the steps. I'm just not sure what side of the fountain they are on (I would guess they are facing towards the main entrance).

  6. I figured those steps were in the Fountain Court. Now we have to figure out where Florshiem was back then to find the exact location.