Monday, August 11, 2008

Moonlite Madness at SouthPark | August 11, 1976

From the extensive collection of frequent LiveMalls contributor Pat Richardson comes this gem: an entire newspaper supplement advertising the annual Moonlite Madness Sale at SouthPark from August 11, 1976.

This ad set was published in the long defunct Charlotte News and gave a pretty good picture of what the mall was like in the mid 1970s.

Thanks to Pat for his continued donations to this site.

Page 2 (Belk)

Page 3 (Belk)

Page 4 (Ivey's)

Page 5 (Ivey's)

Page 6 (Florsheim, The Cheese Shop, J.O. Jones)

Page 7 (Garibaldi & Bruns, SouthPark Hallmark, Coplon's)

Page 8 (Sears)

Page 9 (Sears)

Page 10 (Pet Bazaar, Morrison's Cafeteria, Bakers, John Simmons)

Page 11 (5-7-9, Kinney Shoes, Wilson's Menswear)

Page 12 (Montaldo's, Hahn Shoes, Sharon Luggage, Jack & Jill)

Page 13 (Richmans, Zales, Junction)

Page 14 (Bush Stationers, Pat Arnolde's Talls, Julie's)

Page 15 (Woolworth)

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  1. Great collection of ads! Do malls even have moonlight sales anymore?

  2. Hardly ever. Extended hours are pretty much around the holidays these days.

  3. Wow, I'm kinda surprised at the prices back then, the washer at Sears was over $300 30+ years ago. Neat to see these ads, thanks for posting them.

  4. You're welcome. Yeah, appliances used to be very expensive back in the day. The price hasn't moved a lot for the most basic goods in over a generation.