Saturday, November 22, 2008

An excerpt from - Bagging Holiday Shoppers:

In a few weeks, Steven Swain will make his annual pilgrimage to New York from Rocky Mount, Va., to visit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and see the holiday window displays at Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York.

You may have heard of this fellow....


  1. Congratulations!

    How about a future post showcasing some of your favorite shopping bags as well as some of the oldest in your collection?

  2. Okay, dude, you gotta tell us how you got mentioned in this story!!! Neat-o!

    And I second the Honorable Mr. Richardson's request for some pictures of your collection!


  3. Pat: Thanks. A future post with bags is not out of the question.

    Matt: It's an interesting story. I received an email from a writer at the WSJ that referenced a blog post I made several years ago. I didn't have a chance to email her, but i called her at her office and chatted about my collection for a short while. She was very nice and asked a lot of questions.

    Before I knew it, she was calling me back to clarify my name and address so that they could send the story for publication. It's the last thing I ever thought I'd make the paper over.

  4. Thanks. I still can't believe it happened.

  5. As much as I like the snowflakes, I think Saks should go back to the calendar bags during the holidays.

  6. I've never seen the calendar bag. Sounds interesting.