Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reviving the memory of his beloved Carolina Circle Mall

Frequent LiveMalls contributor Billy Coore collects memorabilia from the former Carolina Circle Mall. (Greensboro News & Record photo by Neslon Kepley)

The love affair began at a young age, with the cheery music and constant spin of the merry-go-round.

The emotion only grew stronger over time, with trips to the food court, strolls through store aisles and afternoons at the movies.

Even when others fell out of love with Carolina Circle Mall, taking their business and money elsewhere, Billy Coore's devotion remained...

Read more of Lanita Wither's story on Billy Coore at the News & Record website.


  1. The difference between me and Billy is that I'm not quite as obsessed with my collection of malls and that I do not have one singular mall that I am passionate about. There are about five that still make my heart skip a beat to think about them bearing no resemblance and/or being gone forever, but I guess that's life when you're pushing 30.

    It's so funny seeing today's new breed of geeky youth crazy about the malls that we knew as teenagers that were radically changed from the much funkier designs of our youth. I definitely would have liked to see the original Carolina Circle, though...that red-orange loud Monkey Ward entrance and groovy interior design WAS something to get excited about. And lurking in that mall was a gothic old New Orleans-style Piccadilly. I'd pay that boy for shots of that!