Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Center court, 1983. Notice the the full view of the arched skylight, the recessed seating/viewing area in the lower front of the picture, the partial view of the ice rink name ("Ice Capades Chalet"), the tile of the area to the right of the rink, the Morrow's Nut House store across the way in red, and the "F" of Florsheim on the extreme right.(courtesy Pat Richardson)

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Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina


  1. It reminds me somewhat of the Houston Galleria.

  2. Wow! This photo does bring back memories. That lighting is amazing and I'd forgotten how the Eastland logo was on the ice itself.

  3. I had also forgotten that the Eastland logo was on the ice. I really like this photo. Color pictures of Eastland are hard to find,

  4. Nitek: It does have a Galleria vibe to it, though the lights are gone now, as are most of the old stores.

    cantnot: There is an old Faison Associates photo of Eastland floating around that showed the court from mall level with Ivey's in the background, and the lights in the foreground. That's an incredible shot if you can find it.

    Pat: As hard as they hard to find, you certainly found a great Eastland photo.

  5. I remember during "free skate" sessions, the "serious" ice skaters would practice in the center logo.

    Once I was skating about 5 feet away but still got a blade to the forehead. They gave me a bag of ice to put on it and that was it.

    It was fun to watch from the benches, but I heard someone fell from one of those so they eventually were "remodeled" away.

    It is sad that the mall has fallen upon hard times, but at least there are still plenty of memories.

  6. Though your story was graphic, it would have been great to see the mall back when it was in full bloom. My only memories are from the 'fading glory' era.