Sunday, September 23, 2007

JCPenney Outlet Store, Liberty Fair Mall, Martinsville, Virginia. Former catalog department exterior entrance, sealed off to prevent theft. Photographed 9/22/07.

JCPenney Outlet Store, Liberty Fair Mall, Martinsville, Virginia. East mall entrance, sealed off to prevent theft. Photographed 9/22/07.

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JCPenney Outlet Store, Liberty Fair Mall


  1. Interesting pics of the Liberty Fair Mall JCPenney outlet store. Did this store used to be a regular JCPenney store, by any chance?

    Since not too far west from where I live(Chicago, IL), the Machesney Park Mall JCPenney Outlet Store in Rockford, IL used to be a regular JCPenney store, until CherryVale Mall sucked out all the life that used to exist in Machesney Park Mall.

    Machesney Park, btw, is currently being demolished for a new shopping center of some sort(forget if a lifestyle center or power center is what's supposed to take the place of this mall).

  2. Totally forgot to say too that as part of the Machesney Park redevelopment, the only stores that were allowed to stay were the anchor stores, and that the rest of the mall was being demolished otherwise(while keeping them, + a regular Bergner's, in place). And that the Machesney Park JCPenney was converted to an outlet store, while the mall was in decline, because of more-successful and nearby CherryVale Mall.

    My fault for initally forgetting to say both those things!

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself :-)

    This did in fact used to be a regular JCPenney store. It opened in July 1989, about a month before the mall itself opened. It was converted to a JCPenney Outlet in the late '90s.

    Interesting fact: I happened to show up on the last day of the 'regular' store closing sale at this location, and the location that preceded it at the Patrick Henry Mall.

    Machesney Park looked like it used to be a pretty happening place. I guess Rockford was too small for two enclosed malls.

  4. So I see I was right about my suspicion of this JCPenney being a regular store at one time. Thanks for confirming what it seemed like to me, after I looked at this pic of it!

    BTW, what's strange about Machesney Park Mall is that I later found out that a company who built a couple of successful big box shopping centers to the north, bought the mall, in essence to protect their more successful big box centers nearby from competition(I also guess that the new development replacing MPM might just be a copycat of their shopping centers to the north). So it seems that this company's discouragement of having new stores opening in MPM, in essence was obviously the biggest factor that killed that mall. :(


  5. So that's what happened? That's horrible. It's amazing what shopping center developers will do to get their way. Tearing down a perfectly good mall just to put up another big-box carbon copy is ridiculous.