Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beehive Vs. Spearhead, 1966

J.B. Ivey & Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. Institutional advertisement, 1966. (courtesy of Pat Richardson)

Belk, Charlotte, North Carolina. Institutional advertisement, 1966. (courtesy of Pat Richardson)

Here are some institutional ads for Belk and Ivey's Charlotte stores from 1966.

Notice the difference in location strategies: Ivey's operated a number of branch stores in addition to its downtown flagship, while Belk was still a number of years away from opening branch stores at Eastland and SouthPark.

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  1. I love "progression" ads, and this Ivey's ad is a great one. The Belk ad is no slouch either!

  2. Did the downtown Belk store even look like that? Maybe the back side along 5th Street? Definitely not the Trade Street side.

    In the Ivey's ad, only the Park Road location has "little shop" next to the name. What exactly did this indicate? Was it a similar concept to the current Belk Express, or perhaps just a smaller store focusing on women's fashions?

    Love the ads. Thanks as always, Pat and Steven.

  3. Dave: I agree, these are great classic ads. Glad you liked them.

    Matt: I don't have a picture of the building, but indeed the Belk in Downtown Charlotte did look like this before they tore it down. This was the expansion area from 1956. Pat has some great renderings of it on Charlotte Eats.

    The Ivey's "little shop" probably was a ladies' specialty store, which gave them a well-known presence at the shopping center without a large investment. A lot of "carriage trade" stores did similar locations back then before expanding to bigger branches later in the '70s. I think this location closed when Ivey's SouthPark opened.

    The other Ivey's branches of that era had a lot of women's clothes as well, but their selection was a bit more rounded to include children's and men's clothing as well as some home goods.