Saturday, May 10, 2008

Come feel the excitement at Belk SouthPark

Belk, SouthPark mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. View of escalator well, 1989. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

Belk, SouthPark mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Print advertisement for Design Studio in Furniture department, 1986. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

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Belk, SouthPark


  1. Before the '90's, Belk-Southpark seemed to be more of a traditional department store (sort of like Boscov's is today). They had a full electronics dept in the basement and a mega-size furniture dept on the top floor. I remember a lot of area Belk's stores also had a big rug dept--I assume Belk-Southpark had one too at one time.

  2. Belk SouthPark and the similar Hudson Belk Crabtree Valley were full-line stores in every sense of the word. Many of the other larger Belks of the 1970s were similar including mall stores in Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

    Adding the merchandise made sense at the time, but the problem became maintaining all of those lines when the majority of Belk stores didn't carry them. As time went on, rather than keeping a separate infrastructure for hard goods at the metro stores, they were simply phased out.