Saturday, May 10, 2008

When Belk met Ivey's

Belk, downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Exterior façade on Tryon Street (looking north) with Overstreet Mall connection to Ivey's, screenshot from video taken in 1986. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

Belk, downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Exterior façade on Tryon Street (looking south) with Overstreet Mall connection to Ivey's, 1985. (courtesy Pat Richardson)

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  1. Oh my -- the holy grail of downtown Charlotte department store pictures! (At least in my opinion...)

    So the walkway was there! It still amazes me that they just crammed that thing through the front of the store.

    Pat -- thank you very much for these pics. I don't know what you do for a living (do you still work for Belk?), but you certainly have built up quite the retail memorabilia collection.

  2. Also of note--Montaldo's is in the front left of the B&W picture--the building is still there and has not been changed. Always loved the white exterior and the curved archway entrances.

    Thanks, Matt--but I give all of the credit to Steve--his generosity in posting these pictures makes it all worth while. (p.s. I left Belk's about two years ago-working for them for 15 years plus my love of all things Charlotte has led to my developing a collection).

  3. Matt: I'm glad to bring back the memories for you and all the other visitors here.

    Pat's being very modest, but his contributions have been exemplary, and I'm glad that he's chosen to share his collections at LiveMalls.

    Pat: Thanks for the kudos and, as always, thanks for sharing your collection.

  4. Who exactly thought putting a modern walkway thru the classic facades of two buildings was a good idea?

  5. Blame it on the late '70s. That was the height of the "modernization" movement. Back then, designers and clients alike thought nothing of destroying history and replacing it with artificially old or jarringly modern design ideas. The kookier it was, the better they liked it.