Monday, September 08, 2008

Macy's (former Thalhimers and Hecht's), River Ridge Mall, Lynchburg, Virginia. Exterior entrance. Photographed 9/7/08.

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Macy's (former Thalhimers and Hecht's), River Ridge Mall


  1. Is there a particular reason that the Macy's building looks suspiciously similar to the M&R building? Maybe not the grooved concrete siding, but the entrances look almost (if not totally) identical.

  2. I think it just worked out that way. River Ridge Mall has been one of the most visually cohesive malls I've ever seen. Everything matches: department stores, mall entrances, everything. It's not flashy but it works.

    That will change when they add the theater, which will undoubtedly be as big and gaudy as 2009 will allow.

  3. A long time ago, McAlister Square was also very cohesive... it was designed to work together and the stores and the mall used similar (if not identical )brick and designs. It flowed well for it's time. Even now, all changed into a university complex, the buildings still look nice.

  4. I would have love to see pictures of the McAlister Square of old. It sounds like it was a pretty nice mall.