Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JCPenney; Haywood Mall, Greenville, South Carolina. Exterior view.(Photo courtesy ct36)


  1. With all due respect (I have bought plenty things here), this is possibly one of the ugliest Penney's I have ever seen from the exterior. So drab and dated. The whole mall looks that way, outside at least though.

  2. JCPenney built this general design at a lot of stores around 1980. I'm kind of neutral on the look.

  3. Yep, Haywood was built in '79 I believe. Penney's has the stained brown horizontal (or sideways) wood on the mall entrance, which appears original as well and actually fits the mall's decor. Except for a couple of entrances and the Dillard's addition, the exterior of the mall has been pretty much untouched since it was built. It isn't the most attractive, but Haywood is nearly all-brick, which is something you can't say for most newer malls. It's done in three shades...tan/sand, brown, and dark brown (I think that is only used on the bottom half of the Macy's/former Rich
    s, which I personally love the design of compared to most Macy
    s). The only exception would be Dillard's, which has their typical store design which was added in 1995. It sort of sticks out. The mall is all earth toned inside and out (even after the mall was remodeled in 2005). A lot of people don't like the brown facade of the mall, but I like it personally and think it suits the mall's interior decor well. A good washing wouldn't hurt though, the Penney's is mildewed badly on one side and is dirty looking in a lot of spots.

    A little off subject, but Dillard's, although the newest anchor, could use a remodel inside. It's a 3 level store. It looks a little worn compared to the others. Macy's recently remodeled and replaced the 80s-ish Rich's parquet floor and green? decor with white tiles and lighter walls. Love Haywood, though. Very nice mall. I visit frequently.

  4. forgot to note - the Belk, located on the back, is an interesting store in the mall. Very difficult to describe. The outside entrances are very interesting and are actually the only ones at this mall with much character.

  5. Haywood may not look as nice as some flashier models, but it looks to be a well-built, well-tenanted mall. that's more than a lot of places can say.

    The Belk entrance is indescribable. I've seen pictures and still can't figure it out.