Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sears; Haywood Mall, Greenville, South Carolina. Exterior view.(Photo courtesy ct36)


  1. This should prove perfect timing since I am about to do a post on Haywood Mall lol. Haywood Mall overall has very ugly anchors aside from the Belk Simpson...that store looks very interesting from the outside. The Rich's there was one of the most drab I have seen.

  2. Yes, it is a pretty drab mall on the outside. The Rich's mall entrance isn't bad, though...plenty of mirrors there (unless they remodeled it since I lived there five years ago). Man, I wish I could move back to Greenville!

    Now that I think about it, aren't there several of these Rich's built in the same shade of brown brick (Haywood, Columbia, Shannon, Perimeter)? Good thing that phase ended...

  3. J.T.: Looking forward to your Haywood Mall post and hopefully some pictures of the Belk. My correspondent didn't get any Belk pictures.

    Matt: I'd like to see the Macy's mall entrance. Considering the era, I'm sure it's very flashy, which contrasts with the exterior, which is decidedly not.

  4. Wouldn't you know that I could find you two pictures of the Belk entrance (directly across center court), but none of Rich's/macy*s.

    There's actually a fairly small picture of the first floor entrance on the Simon website, although it's not nearly as cool as I remember.

    You can see the mirrors on the side, but I think those used to extend wider at the entrance. The black "showcase" type things on the side are not original. Additionally, the surround wasn't white, but more like a dark greenish marble, and the RICH'S sign was made up of internally-lit white letters.

    That's my best memory, at least...much more exciting than the picture, but I'm sure Pat will do a bang-up job on Haywood just like he has on all his other malls.

    The interior was nothing special, and from the limited peek on the Simon website, it doesn't look like they've touched it much, if any. If you want to see a great late-70s-style interior, check out Columbia Place in...Columbia.

    Now I'm starting to second-guess myself about the Haywood entrance...I'll apologize in advance if I'm mistaken!

  5. I don't recall the Rich's mall entrance being anything spectacular. Perhaps it was renovated substantially recently, but I really do not know. The old-style Rich's mall entrances seem to have all disappeared: the last one at Cumberland was removed and replaced with a highly boring one.

    I was very disappointed that I did not get the Rich's at Haywood or Columbia Place...I simply did not have time or money then and am struggling to do it now. While I got absolute coverage of Atlanta, I got very limited coverage of the Augusta store and none of the South Carolina ones.

  6. Matt: The Rich's entrance sounds pretty good. I'd like to see those pics of the Belk if you have them.

    J.T.: It's hard to cover everything. We all have "the ones that got away."

  7. Well, I had this nice little thing typed up last night, and somehow it didn't get posted. Oh well...

    So here's shot number one, which is, based on what the source flickr page says, Christmas 2007. This would be after the most recent renovation. I don't recall exactly when it was, but I do know it started not too long after I left in 2004.

    The photo is looking at center court from the second floor. Rich's/macy*s is immediately behind the photographer. The Belk entrance has dropped the Simpson, which still looks very, very odd to me. The surround is a orangey-brick color, and I believe it was tile, but it might have been actual brick.


    And just for fun, here's another. Photo number two is a much older shot, and possibly represents the mall's original decor. (There was one renovation between this photo and today.) You can see the "pson" in Belk Simpson peeking into the frame. Actually, Belk is the only store in this photo still in its same spot today.


    Two fairly interesting points about this store:

    1. When the Dillard's wing was added to the mall, Belk gained a second mall entrance on that side, which was the first time I had ever seen such a thing. The entrance itself is very similar to this one.

    2. There is no exterior entrance to the first floor. There is a service entrance, but all paying customers enter on the second floor.

    Oh, and just in case JT's "friend" stops by, I am human and can make mistakes. The above information is based solely on my personal recollections. The management of LiveMalls is not responsible for the opinion of this post or its poster.

  8. Whoever it was that fabricated that Belk Simpson sign went to town on the curves! It's a slightly non-standard rendering, but it is quite nice to look at, even if it is a little crooked in the '07 picture.

    I think I like the original mall design better than the new one. It's close, but the older one seemed to flow a little better, and the fountain was very nice.

    Thanks for the links, Matt.

  9. Thats cool. I never knew that there was a fountain in teh center court. Ray's is Ann Taylor now. The stores have changed so much since then.

  10. That was shopping back then: fountains, Florshiem, local stores at center court. Way different now.