Monday, November 06, 2006

Belk, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina

Belk, Monroe, North Carolina. circa 1955. (Belk, Inc.)

Frequent LiveMalls contributor Patrick Richardson went to the Monroe Mall in Monroe, North Carolina, and took these great pictures (below) of the Belk store there. His comments are in italics below.
This is Belk's store # 1 -- obviously the original store was downtown [above] -- when it moved to the Monroe Mall [in 1979], it kept the same store number. The Belk store is so desperate for room they have leased two storefronts in the mall (shown below).

Belk, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina. Exterior entrance, 11/2/06. (Pat Richardson)

I've always thought the exterior was a bit strange--the Belk's sign is too one far side--leaving the area where the doors are fairly plain (other than the "Belk-blue" awning and cool stone border). This is the back entrance--there are three entrances---all look the same.

Belk, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina. Exterior entrance detail, 11/2/06. (Pat Richardson)

Close-up of the side doors--always loved the "shop tonight until..." message over the doors

Belk, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina. Mall entrance, 11/2/06. (Pat Richardson)

Never knew what to think of the Belk "cube" on a pedestal--and I always thought the gold metal awning was unusual.

Belk Home Store, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina. Mall entrance, 11/2/06. (Pat Richardson)

The Belk Home Store--this is in a storefront just outside of the store--it was an Italian restaurant for years.

Belk Kids Store, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina. Mall entrance, 11/2/06. (Pat Richardson)
The Belk Kids Department---again in a storefront--about five doors down from the main store.
Thanks to Patrick for this great contribution.


  1. I think Belk should remodel that Home Store into a Pottery Barn/William Sonoma competitor, with its own high-quality interior design theme.

  2. Belk really hasn't done much with its home store business in years. They've cornered china and gifts, but everything else is kind of blah.

  3. Anyone ever see this Belk "cube" before? This is the only one I've ever seen.

  4. I've seen a similar four-sided sign at Hudson Belk in Cary Towne Center but it was attached to a column. That's the only four-sided free-standing Belk sign I've ever seen.

  5. Macy's opens a temporary Xmas shop in the old FAO Schwartz in San Francisco. They also used to have a Macy's Women that was separate, but always next to a full-line Macy's store. I think it competed with Lane Bryant. In fact, Gottschalk's has Village East, which is the same genre. Perhaps these are just test stores.

  6. In a lot of smaller markets that ended up growing quickly like Monroe (which is pretty much a bedroom community for Charlotte now), you see small Belk stores with annexes inside the mall. it's usually a stopgap solution decision until they decide what their next move might be.

    I think this store will be replaced soon if a new mall opens in the area. They may be waiting on that. Then again, they could be planning an expansion, but are waitng for their turn to get that part of the capital budget.

  7. I love this interior mall enterance for Belk.

    Pat: The Belk Cube was also used at Myrtle Square Mall as I recall.

  8. That is a great mall entrance. The late seventies and early eighties were Belk's golden store design period.

    This is the first and only Belk cube I've seen. Leggett never did anything like that, and the Belk stores never had them.