Monday, November 06, 2006

JCPenney, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina

Frequent LiveMalls contributor Patrick Richardson went to the Monroe Mall in Monroe, North Carolina, and took this great picture of the JCPenney store there. His comments are in italics below.

JCPenney, Monroe Mall, Monroe, North Carolina. Mall entrance, 11/2/06. (Pat Richardson)
The Penney's has a green tile background to their sign--don't know if this is standard. For years, the Penney's was much nicer than the Belk's (this was fairly common at these small-town malls)--the Belk's has now caught up.
Thanks to Patrick for this great contribution.


  1. I don't know if Monroe Mall still has it up, but what I always liked about this JC Penney since being a little kid was that the "JC Penney" sign is in the front of the mall even though you have to walk through the mall (if you're coming in from the front) to get to the store, and the sign is [or was] over the main entry. I also have a memory of Monroe Mall, we used to go there just for the Wal-Mart before the Wal-Mart in the Arboretum opened.

  2. I noticed you found it :-)

    That's a great sign. At Crabtree Valley mall, Thalhimers used to have a sign that huge over the main entrance. I don't know if they replaced it when they turned to Hecht's.