Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neiman Marcus, Mazza Gallerie, Washington, DC. Exterior view at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Western Avenue, June 21, 2008.

Neiman Marcus, Mazza Gallerie, Washington, DC. Exterior view along Wisconsin Avenue, June 21, 2008.

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Neiman Marcus, Mazza Gallerie


  1. The Neiman Marcus building looks understatedly high-end. Unlike its competitor Saks Fifth Avenue, who seem to prefer a more uniform design in some locations (B'ham, Raleigh, Las Vegas), it seems that Neiman at least attempts to create a unique store within each market. I don't even think this store has any outward resemblance to the locations in NoVa. I'm not slagging Saks, all of their stores are great palaces of luxury.

  2. I like this building for the most part, but that glass thing on the corner just drives me up the wall. Anybody happen to know if that's original? It looks so much like an afterthought that I'm thinking it must have been put on during a renovation or something...

  3. Nitek: You should see the Saks that is located up the street from this one. If you want to see a unique store, you'll pleased by that one.

    Matt: This store, along with the mall it is located in, got a major renovation a few years ago. The window on the corner was an attempt to liven up the intersection, but it's not a particularly great design element.