Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Belk Archive (updated and relocated)

Early 1970s Belk advertisement, Charlotte, North Carolina. FabricFair was Belk's chain of specialty fabric stores. (Pat Richardson)

LiveMalls is pleased to present The Belk Archive, a tribute to America's largest family-owned department store company, Belk, Inc.

The first LiveMalls post was a Belk department store, and pictures of the company's stores have helped form the backbone of LiveMalls.

The Belk Archive would not be possible without the generous contributions of Patrick Richardson, who gave LiveMalls exclusive access to his extensive collection of Belk photos and memorabilia. I thank Pat for his help to provide the internet with a unsurpassed collection of all things Belk. Please check the archive page regularly, as I will be adding more memorabilia as I receive it.

A final note: this archive is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Belk, Inc. or its subsidiaries. I do hope that they are honored and not offended, because it's all done out of love for their company.

I originally posted all of the pictures I had on the entry you're reeading, but I realized that this is such a massive project that it won't all fit here comfortably. Please click on the link below to access the archive:

Visit The Belk Archive


  1. Wow. Belk hasn't update their logo in a very long time.

  2. Yeah, the current logo dates from 1968, and I don't think they're going to change it anytime soon.

  3. I'm glad all of these images have a home. Thanks for posting everything!!!

  4. You made it possible, Pat. I would have never thought about doing it without your generous contributions.

  5. Is Belk high-end, like Neiman Marcus, mid, like Macy's, or lower, like Kohl's?

  6. It's more of a Macy's-level store than anything else.