Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Ivey's Archive

J. B. Ivey & Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. Better Sportswear department at Ivey's (now Dillard's) SouthPark, 1970. (Pat Richardson)

LiveMalls is pleased to present The Ivey's Archive, a tribute to the legendary former Charlotte, North Carolina-based department store chain, J. B. Ivey & Company.

The Ivey's Archive would not be possible without the generous contributions of Patrick Richardson, who gave LiveMalls exclusive access to his collection of Ivey's photos and memorabilia. I thank Pat for his help to provide the internet with a collection of all things Ivey’s. Please check the archive page regularly, as I will be adding more memorabilia as I receive it.

A final note: this archive is neither sponsored nor endorsed by J.B. Ivey Co., Dillard Department Stores, or its subsidiaries. I do hope that they are honored and not offended, because it's all done out of love for their company.

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