Monday, August 14, 2006

Belk, SouthPark mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Mall entrance, circa 1995. (SouthPark mall)

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Belk, SouthPark


  1. This photo is great because it shows a glimpse of the Barclay Cafeteria. The room above the "Belk" on the entrance was home to the Barclay up until the 2000 renovation. You can see the tables all lined up.

  2. I miss the Barclay. I remeber a lot of Belk's old-line customers got very upset when they closed. It was like losing a family friend.

  3. I've never been to SouthPark, but I can tell by that picture that back then that it sort of had a very '90s design.

  4. So that's what that area above the Belk sign, was. I've always thought it was some sort of former "overlook." Too bad the only restaurant in there is now relegated to the basement. What's up there now -- floor space or storage? (I must admit I don't do much shopping on the 3rd level.) Even if it were floor space, I don't see why they couldn't still have the windows.


  5. Billy: Actually, that mall entrance was redone in 1986, but it does have a lot of style, and it's held up very well design-wise.

    When they expanded the mall in 2003-04, the additional mall entrance was styled the same way, though it's still just slightly different than that. One of these days, I'll get a picture of it :-)

    Matt: When Belk SouthPark remodeled last, they put the ladies' shoe department where the cafeteria used to be. so that window, if it were open, would look into the back of the shoe stockroom.

    I think if it were me, I would have done a massive showcase up there instead of blacking out the windows like they did.