Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Belk Memories

Matthews Belk, Eastridge Mall, Gastonia, North Carolina. The California Raisins celebrating Belk's 100th Anniversary, October 1988. (Photo courtesy Pat Richardson)

Belk, Charlotte, North Carolina. Oprah Winfrey makes a benefit appearance for Belk on October 8, 1988 -- she even held a Belkie Bear! (Photo courtesy Pat Richardson)

Belk Corporate Headquarters, Charlotte, North Carolina. Womenswear vendor doing a presentation for buyers during the 1960s. (Photo courtesy Pat Richardson)

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Matthews Belk, Eastridge Mall


  1. I think your great for having this blog adn show how the retail scope has changed in Charlotte. Can you do put pictures of the old "Montaldos". It was such an elegant place in the 1950's. Now its the mint museum.

  2. Oprah seems way too excited about Belkie.

    I love it.

  3. cantnot: What can I say? I tip my hat to Oprah. :-)

    Anonymous: LiveMalls didn't really start out as a Charlotte history site, but it's evolved into one in a way. I don't have any Montaldo's pictures though.

    Anita: Oprah can get enthusiastic about anything :-)

  4. It's very '80s, to be sure. I miss those clothes ;-)