Sunday, June 17, 2007

Macy's (former Hecht's), The Streets at Southpoint, Durham, North Carolina. Sign on exterior entrance canopy. Photographed with camera phone 6/16/07.

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Macy's (former Hecht's), The Streets at Southpoint


  1. Steven, do you use your cell phone camera, like Labelscar's Jason (I think Ross uses a point and shoot camera), to avoid mall security? Wondering if you've ever gotten in trouble for it with or without using the phone. I would imagine using the cell camera is a way to almost guarantee no hassle by security.

    In lieu of my recent confrontation at the Latham Circle Mall in New York which I just wrote about, I don't want to switch to cell phone mainly because the quality is just not there with my phone.

  2. I read about your Latham Circle experience on Labelscar and The Caldor Rainbow. That really stinks, but at least you did get several great pictures in the wake of it all.

    I use a camera phone primarily because it’s easier to avoid mall security. I’ve used other types of cameras to varying degrees of success in avoiding getting in trouble, but the camera phone is by far the least conspicuous.

    Even that’s not foolproof. I’ve been tailed by mall security guards using a camera phone several times and one time I even had to delete my pictures while they watched. It’s not a perfect solution, but most people won’t stop you for carrying a phone in a mall, camera phone or not.

    The side effect of being less conspicuous is that the pictures from camera phones generally suck. I’ve lost countless pictures because my camera phone is really sensitive to interior light and movement. Don’t get me started about the crappy resolution.

    I think they call it Hobson’s choice. Neither way really works, but I am bound and determined to capture this history, whatever way I can.