Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dillard's (former Ivey's), SouthPark mall, Charlotte, North Carolina. Aerial view, 1976. Belk and the main mall entrance are in the background. (Pat Richardson)

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  1. I like this picture because its taken from the Ivey's side of the mall--most pictures from this era always seem to spotlight the Belk side of the mall.

  2. You definitely don't see many old pictures from the Ivey's perspective. Rarer still is a shot of Sears.

    I guess it's because Belk was the more classically beautiful of the old anchor facades. But Ivey's was the more striking of the three; a lot more sculptural and less typical.

  3. Who designed the Ivey's? Was the SP store a one-off, or were there other stores which shared this design theme (be it Ivey's or somebody else?)


  4. As far as I know, Ivey's SouthPark was the only design of its type. NorthPark in Dallas looks a lot like SouthPark, and Belk SouthPark was similar to Ivey's, but I can't think of any store that looked exactly like it or even similar.

    As for who designed it, I think it was Jean Surratt, who also designed the Belk and most of SouthPark.