Sunday, June 03, 2007

Macy's (former Hecht's), Northgate Mall, Durham, North Carolina. Exterior entrance detail. Photographed with camera phone 6/2/07.

Macy's (former Hecht's), Northgate Mall, Durham, North Carolina. Exterior facade. Photographed with camera phone 6/2/07.


  1. What is that in the first picture, Steven? Is it a light fixture, or is it some sort of decorative aluminium panel?

    And -- gasp! -- what do I see? A non-black exterior macy*s sign?

    Actually, this store is fairly easy on the eyes. When was it built? It looks fairly recent.


  2. Yeah that is actually a very nice looking store. I haven't been to Northgate since my freshman year in college (2004) so I don't recall that much but it's quite nice.

  3. It just struck me that the store reminds me of an Atlanta/Greenville Parisian or a late J.B. White with that curved glass on the front...moreso Parisian because of the stucco (I assume) color.

  4. Matt: That first picture is a light fixture. It was an unexpected suprise when I saw the entrance.

    This store dates from 1994. Those were the days apparently.

    Neither Durham Macy's has the red star. I think it has to do with the nonstandard sign installations they had to do at both stores. Kind of refreshing.

    It dfoes knid of have that Parisian vibe...though Hecht's started getting better stores about the same time Parisian got ugly ;-)

    cantnot: Northgate is holding on, but barely. Stores in the mall are looking more mom and pop than ever. Still, it's something different I guess.

  5. The star looks a heck a lot better not being red.

    fits better with the rest of the logo.

  6. I think it looks better with the white star, too. That store would be seriously messed-up looking with the standard Macy's setup.