Saturday, January 01, 2005

Saks Fifth Avenue, Triangle Town Center, Raleigh, North Carolina (photo by outisthorough)

Saks Fifth Avenue, Triangle Town Center, Raleigh, North Carolina. Exterior entrance near Food Court. Photographed with camera phone 3/24/07.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Triangle Town Center, Raleigh, North Carolina. Mall entrance. Photographed with camera phone 7/15/05.

Triangle Town Center in Raleigh scored a major coup when Saks Fifth Avenue opened its first North Carolina store at the mall in September 2004, beating out Charlotte, where the chain continues to search for a suitable location.

The two-level, 80,000 square foot store is the smallest anchor in the mall, but is also the most upscale. It is designed in Saks latest prototype, which is simultaneously more contemporary in department layout and more traditional in exterior appearance. A very similar store to this design opened in Richmond, Virginia a year before the Raleigh location.


  1. Raliegh did beat Charlotte out of the Sak's but we have had Sak's off fifth 4 a while in charlotte which is alot like the store just the same clothes fromolder seasons just like outlet stores and Charlotte has always had many upscale stores that are only in the major cities in the South Park Area.Neiman Marcus willbe here next year and South park already have alot of other stores that the Raleigh area will never see 4 about 5 to 10 yrs Burburry,Louis Vuitton,Kenneth cole,Kate Spade,St. John,Tumi, Lacoste,Morton's Steakhouse...just to name a few.....I'm from NY and i see CHARLOTTE Becoming a major market for shopping , there are so many stores here that you can find in the NY area thats u can't find any thing like it in NC......

  2. The Belk's at South Park Mall is very much like a Sak's it has so many of the same designer names as the Sak's stores ....I guess by this being his hometown this one has to be the best,and this Belk is very nice, very mush upscale and different from the rest....